Our Story

Most artisanal fishermen are passionate about the way they catch, take care of and land the best possible quality fish. Yet, when landed on an auction market, alongside large quantities from bigger offshore boats, often the recognition and appreciation of this effort is dissipated and they are not fairly rewarded.
Kernowsashimi was established in 2005, following inspiration from Slow Food principles of Good, Clean and Fair, to directly supply like-minded chefs. Now in 2021, we still hold true to this philosophy,
supplying fresh fish and crabmeat to chefs and fishmongers around country.


All our boats are under 10m long, using static gear and lines which means minimal disturbance of seabed. The nets are selective for different species and use large mesh-size allowing smaller fish to pass through.

High Quality

All our boats are a collective of artisanal day boats, taking ice to sea and looking after fish in ice slush.

True Cost

Kernowsashimi provide the fishers fish a true cost, fair prices to effort and quality of fish.