The Lizard Peninsula – Harbours and beaches where our boats are based and proximity to Kernowsashimi

Boats landing to Kernowsashimi are under 10m in length, only use static gear and lines, and must land their catch the same day as caught. They are all skipper owned, mostly work single handed with a few of the bigger boats worked by a skipper and one crew person. The map illustrates the location of their home “ports” and the area in which they fish is from the shore out to about 12 miles, depending on target species, gear type, size of boat and seasons etc.

Static gear refers to fixed nets and pots, as opposed to mobile gear such as trawls and dredges. As static gear by definition doesn’t move, the impact on the seabed is minimal. Also, unlike trawlers that require powerful engines to tow the gear along the seabed, static gear boats have smaller engines, required mainly from getting from A to B, In other words, value of fish caught per litre of fuel consumed, is typically 3 or 4 times more for static gear boats, further demonstrating the reduced environmental impact.

To focus on what they do, fishers need to be able to land their complete catch to one place, or perhaps two if catching fish and shellfish. For this reason, Kernowsashimi commits to buy the whole catch from each boat and does not “cherry-pick” the desirable species many chefs are demanding. It is then our task to find customers for all the less desirable and bycatch species.

Having control of the fish from the point of landing, to the point an order is despatched, every fish can be confidently traced to the boat that caught it. Our invoices reflect this, giving chefs the connection to the fishers that is so important to pass on to their customers.

Our Fishing Boats

Tracey Clare
Emily B
Girl Pauline
Silver Queen
Stargazy Pie
Julie Girl
Sweet Promise
Scally Dog
Flying Breeze